How to choose your bank

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Table of Contents

Choosing a right bank for your banking needs is crucial to make your life easy and convenient. In todays age, banking is not only about keeping your money but also saving it and get rewarded for it.Its understandable that with numerous options and luring offers lined up, choosing the right bank for yourself can be a daunting task. However in this article we have made an attempt to provide you a complete overview of few of the best banks in Germany & explained their pros & cons.Of course, you can choose whichever bank that best suits your needs & offer you great value for money.

In the past few years, the world has changed tremendously and today’s banking services are about convenience, accessibility and value for money.Moreover, Germany is also home for many expats who are not that well versed with German and therefore require banking services in English.Keeping all the factors in mind, let’s look into each point in detail


Convenience in banking is synonymous to the ease of dealing with banking customer support, fast resolution to your queries and at the same time ensuring security of your money so that you can attain a complete peace of mind.

We will take examples of few of the best banks in Germany where security will never be a concern as these banks are well known for their infrastructure as well as services.

The focus here would be to understand how well one can communicate with the bank support team & this is where the language barrier into picture.

Die meisten Banken bieten Dienstleistungen in deutscher Sprache an, if you could understand this then you would not have a problem at all otherwise don’t worry, we are here to help.

The above statement means Most banks provide services in German, however if you are looking for a complete English experience the N26 would be the best choice.

Other than N26, Commerzbank offers online banking services in English & Deutsche Bank also provides few of its documents in English but mostly provides services in German.


Accessibility is the ease with which you can access your bank’s services in the time of need.After all, your money is only good if you can utilise it in the times of emergency or an urgency.

The best part is 21st century has made it possible for the banks to bring their services at your fingertips, however if you are looking for fast, user friendly and efficient online experience then 1822direkt, N26, O2 Banking and Santander.

This should not restrict your choice as today almost all top banks provide pretty good online access and above examples are only for reference purposes.

Moreover, the best practice would be to ask the representative of the bank about the online services they offer and more specifically what you are looking for, at the time of opening the account.

Value For Money

Value for money is the fees the bank levies of various services, how transparent it is about it and how much does those fees impact you.

Of course the best choice of the bank would be the one that has no fees, especially for students however, you cant ignore the above 2 points as well. Therefore, make sure to take your decision wisely.

With that being said, there are numerous banks that offers accounts with no monthly fees and no ATM withdrawal fees but to make it easier for you to understand, we have compiled the list of few best banks in Germany and the break up of their fees.


1822direkt charges €3.90 monthly fees, however the great news is that if you are under 27 years old or deposit money in your account at least once per month, then there are no monthly fees. Also, the bank charges €0 to €0.30 per withdrawal from Sparkasse ATMs & €6 or 1% of withdrawal amount for others.


comdirect is one of the German banks that does not allow less than €50 of ATM withdrawal.

However, it offers free withdrawals from any ATM. If you are travelling outside of Eurozone then it levies a charge of €10 for withdrawals. The bank offers accounts with no monthly charges if your income is above €1.250 per month. Else, there is a €4.90 monthly fee.


Commerzbank levies a monthly fee of €9.90 if your account balance reaches below €1200. The account will have no monthly fee if the balance remains above €1200 or if you are a student under 30 years of age. Moreover, the bank offers free withdrawals from Cash Group ATMs but levies a fee of €6 or 1% of withdrawal amount for other ATMs.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank, being one of the premier banking institutions, does have a monthly fee of €5.90 but has no fee for students. Additional benefit is that the bank also offers a sperrkonto i.e. a blocking account which has a limited withdrawal limit for each month.


If you are looking for entirely free banking facilities, then this is the bank for you. DKB has no monthly fees and offers free withdrawals from all ATMs as well.


ING also offers accounts with No monthly fees & free withdrawals from all ATMs but that is only if your income exceeds €700 per month or if you are under 28 years.


Apart from providing 100% customer support in English, N26 also offers accounts with no monthly fee. For ATMs, it offers 5 free withdrawals per month from all ATMs & then there is a fee of €2 per withdrawals after that.


Above mentioned details are for few of the popular banks in germany. However, there are many other banks as well which you can explore. We suggest that you do your own due diligence before enrolling yourself with any banking institution.

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